• Image of A La Mode 12"
  • Image of A La Mode 12"
  • Image of A La Mode 12"

Here's the scoop on the latest themed release by Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra... it's all about ice cream. Not only are the lyrics about our favorite dessert, but the melodies are also built around new ice cream truck riffs. Plus three of them are instrumentals ready for an ice cream truck to loop and hit the streets. The cherry on top? Inside each deluxe, limited edition (40 copies), frosty clear one-sided, laser-etched 12" vinyl, you'll find your own custom paper soda jerk hat and loyalty club card.

Liner notes by Tasha Marks (Food historian, artist and founder of AVM Curiosities).

1. Brain Freeze (2:40)
2. Another Sample (3:17)
3. Confection Inception (3:48)
4. Chipwich (0:18)
5. Self Destruct (4:17)
6. Creamsicle (0:20)
7. Character Popsicle Blues (1:50)
8. Gelato Sommelier (3:16)
9. Choco Taco (0:26)


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